Polymail looks to unify business email tools into a single web app

Actress Maisie Williams to launch Daisie, a social app for talent discovery and collaboration

So, what’s up with Amazon’s Alexa Super Bowl ad?

Juniper Square raises $6M for its real estate investment platform

Apple could let you run iPad apps on your Mac

Robotic swans now patrol Singapore’s waters

Ex-Apple execs take on Twitch with launch of new social broadcasting platform Caffeine

MIT uses Lego to prototype low-cost micro pumps

Nuro’s self-driving vehicle is a grocery-getter and errand-runner

Fujifilm will take over Xerox, cut 10,000 jobs

Google Flights will now predict airline delays – before the airlines do

3 Stupid Easy Ways to Drive Conversions by @stoneyd

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Trifacta nabs $48M from Google and others for its AI-based approach to ordering data

Nintendo’s Switch took just 10 months to outsell the Wii U

Uber is piloting a bike-sharing service with JUMP

Google tweaks search snippets to try to stop serving wrong, stupid and biased answers

Inside Joymode: a subscription service saving you from buying all of the things

14 of the Best Places You Can Learn Photoshop for Free by @LarryKim

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Fact Checking Google’s Reintroduction to Featured Snippets by @martinibuster

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Asana raises $75M Series D led by Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management

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Samsung confirms it is making ASIC chips for cryptocurrency mining

Bench bookkeeping service raises $18 million in funding

SoftBank buys into Line’s mobile service in Japan

Speedinvest x is a new micro VC fund that will invest in European early-stage marketplace startups

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Crunch Report | Amazon, JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway are building a healthcare company

At the State of the Union, Trump touts tax cuts and immigration deal

Chat app Line announce plan for cryptocurrency services, loans and insurance

DroneGun Tactical is a portable (but still illegal) drone scrambler

Appeals court rules that Tinder’s pricing violates age discrimination laws

Fools and their crypto

Red Hat acquires CoreOS for $250 million in Kubernetes expansion

Timeflip is a time-tracking gadget simple enough that I might actually use it

Amazon is experimenting with its own QR code style “SmileCodes”

Imverse’s groundbreaking mixed reality renders you inside VR

Getting to the root of the revenue multiple

CVS, other health stocks down upon Amazon, JPMorgan, Berkshire healthcare co news

You can now use Alexa to send SMS messages to your friends

Google is launching a new digital store to sell cloud-based software

Amazon’s new healthcare company could give smaller health tech players a boost

Apple reportedly under investigation by SEC and DOJ for phone slowdown

Contraception app still being probed by medical agency over unwanted pregnancies

Details and solutions emerge for missile threat false alarm in Hawaii

Facebook is banning cryptocurrency and ICO ads

Watch SpaceX re-use a Falcon 9 first stage for today’s GovSat-1 launch

Google expands Howard West to a full-year program to train more black engineers

Elon Musk has now sold 15K flamethrowers, earning $7.5M for boring

Pinterest hires a new head of computer vision

Heptio launches its Kubernetes ‘un-distribution’

Google says it removed 700K apps from the Play Store in 2017, up 70% from 2016

Instagram now allows businesses to schedule their posts

Watch the first trailer for ‘Mute’, a futuristic thriller from Duncan Jones

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UK keeps up its legal losing streak over mass surveillance

Rally Road lets you buy and sell equity shares in classic cars