Haier jammed a tiny projector into a smartwatch for some reason

Amazon will now pay Alexa developers for top-performing skills for kids

Twitter launches Bookmarks, a private way to save tweets

AI will create new jobs but skills must shift, say tech giants

Google Search Update: Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries by @MattGSouthern

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Triplebyte has raised more money for its “background blind” tech recruiting platform

Can a headphone company pivot to AI?

OpenStack gets support for virtual GPUs and new container features

Hangouts Chat, Google’s Slack competitor, comes out of beta

Designed for enterprise, PullString Converse lets anyone create Alexa apps

7 Insights You Can Unlock From Every Relevant SERP by @boggles

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Rodolfo Rosini enters VC, joins AI and machine learning accelerator Zeroth.ai as Partner

Porsche’s EV lead takes shots at Tesla while hyping the Mission E

The appeal of Mobile World Congress for startups is starting to wane

Edgybees raises $5.5M to bring better AR to cars and drones

Facebook rolls out job posts to become the blue-collar LinkedIn

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Waymo 360-degree video shows how autonomous vehicles work

10 Tips on How to Compete When CPCs Are Super High by @christijolson

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AI in Content Marketing: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

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Apple Watch apps now track ski performance

Sea President Nick Nash is leaving to start his own Asia-focused investment fund

Baidu’s video business iQiyi to raise up to $1.5B in US IPO

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TechVets launches to offer UK military veterans a route into cyber and startups

Fitbit’s next smartwatch will probably look like this

Why You Shouldn’t Panic About Unofficial Google Updates by @martinibuster

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eBay boosts its Japanese business with an acquisition

Aurora raises $90M Series A, adds Reid Hoffman and Mike Volpi to its board

Here and Naver Labs ink robotics deal to map indoor spaces

Amazon launches its Prime Music service in India

Kindred Capital, an £80M seed VC firm in London, is giving founders it backs a share of fund profits

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India-based music streaming service Gaana raises $115M led by Tencent

Global tech firms and investors are reshaping Latin America’s startup environment

New, new, new TechCrunch

Google Mobile Speed Scorecard: Compare Your Speed Against Other Sites by @MattGSouthern

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Warrantless surveillance law proves it’s time to take privacy into our own hands

Square’s bets beyond a register brought in $253M last year as it posts a largely positive fourth quarter

IBM Watson CTO Rob High on bias and other challenges in machine learning

Sonos One’s Alexa support comes to Canada

Amazon is buying smart doorbell maker Ring

Analysis of 50 Retailers Reveals 10 Ways to Beat Big Brands by @martinibuster

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Apple adds an M. Night Shyamalan thriller to its roster of original shows

Senator Markey officially introduces legislation to reestablish net neutrality

These will be the first cities getting 5G from Sprint and T-Mobile

Uber’s SVP of leadership is leaving her day-to-day role

Netflix to have around 700 original movies and shows available in 2018

Chinese smartphone maker Doogee shows off its vision for the smartphone camera

BMW says in-car digital assistants have to go beyond being ‘Echo Dots in a cup holder’

Facebook launches a local news accelerator for publishers

The FTC settles with Venmo over a series of privacy and security violations

The FTC settles with Venmo over a series of privacy and security violations

BrainQ aims to cure stroke and spinal cord injuries through mind-reader tech

Robo-logistics company Magazino raises $25M for its warehouse bots

Google Clips review

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Udacity grew its revenue over 100% year-over-year in 2017

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Facebook should disclose and limit pricing for political campaign ads

Google’s AI-powered Clips smart camera is now available

Pinterest hires former Square and Google exec Francoise Brougher as its first COO